Piano Lessons

For fifteen years, I have enjoyed sharing my love of music with piano students of all ages and performance levels.  Convinced as I am that passion grows with proficiency, each of my students must pledge themselves to regular practice (Lvls 1-2: 4 days/wk; Lvls 3-4: 5 days/wk; Lvls 5 & up: 6 days/wk). Teaching students excited about their progress is truly a joy.

As an incentive to consistent practice, I now offer students a free lesson voucher once they accumulate six credits across six separate lessons (these need not be consecutive).  To receive a credit during a given lesson, a student must earn 4 out of 6 possible marks for that lesson.  For details, go
here.  (Those who wish to opt out of this tallying system may do so.)

Many (not all) students work through technique, theory, and performance books in the Alfred's Basic Piano Library for Levels 1-2, dipping their toes into the more challenging Alfred's Masterworks series around Level 3 if they are ready and willing.  (I currently have students spanning Primer through Masterworks Level 8.) This is also the point at which interested parties begin pairing up to learn piano duets and/or participate in incredibly fun quartets.  

Piano lessons are $1/min., whether 30, 45 or 60 min. (Lessons held at the client's house are an additional $5-$10, depending on location.)  Payments for the month are due the first week of each month (please attend to the $5/wk late fee).  Families who email me by 8 a.m. the day of their lesson to cancel a lesson will receive a one-lesson voucher for the following month.

Families pay a required, annual fee of $25 every summer to cover our creating, organizing and making available all video recordings captured throughout the year during lessons.  Password-protected video files can be downloaded at your leisure from the Marchbanks Arts & Media.  Parents may at any time request via email that Paul record a given piece and add it to the group of files to be uploaded to the website periodically (about twice a year).

Please use the contact button to request more information or to be added to the waitlist.