Lasting Memories

My love of photography springs from the conviction that some of life’s most incredible experiences cannot be adequately captured by words on a page or the mind’s shifting recollections. I hope the images we create together will help inspire and deepen precious memories in the years to come.  

  • all photos tweaked and enhanced
  • high quality prints available for order from our online store
  • digital files of images are available for purchase from an online gallery created within 3 days of a session
  • every digital image comes w/ authorization to print & distribute at will
  • session fee due at event; $100 for first hour/day, $50 each additional hour
  • family reunion sessions include one digital file of a group photo

Prints on archival quality paper

  • 4x 6, $10  
  • 8x12, $22  
  • 10x15, $30  
  • 16x24, $45  
  • 24x36, $75

Downloads of digital files of photos

  • 2 image files $30  
  • 5 image files $40
  • 10 image files $50  
  • 20 image files $70
  • 50 image files $150
  • 100 image files $250  
  • all image files $1000  

Collages composed of photos of your choice

  • 3 photos $75 for file, $105 for 10x15 print
  • 4-5 photos $100 for file, $130 for 10x15 print
  • 6-8 photos $150 for file, $180 for 10x15 print

Videography services are also available. If you would like to have who an efficient, fun way to share your reunion with friends and family, you might also consider a video montage which strings together key moments from a lengthy event, or a music video which carefully synchronizes editing cuts to music of your choice (pending available licensing).

  • videos are downloadable from our website within 2 weeks of event
  • music videos available for download within 3-4 weeks of event
  • every video comes w/ authorization to distribute at will
  • all videos tweaked and enhanced
  • payment due at session

Video Montage

  • string of key, 10-20 second shots
  • accompanied by (unsynchronized) music of your choice
  • 5-7 minute video montage  $150
  • 10-12 minute video montage $200

Music Video

  • music video w/ editing cuts closely timed to music
  • 3-4 minute music video $300
  • 5-7 minute music video $400

note: if Paul performs piano music to be used in montage or video, include additional $100-$200 (contingent on music chosen)